About us

The LED Centar Ltd. was established in early June 2011 with an immediately set clear goal – to become a leading company in the sales of LED lighting for the advertising industry. Following the latest technology and continuous improvement of its employees, the company in a very short time became an important partner to virtually all producers of advertisements, freestanding letters, totems … both in Croatia and neighbouring countries. Today we can proudly say that along with Croatia, LED Centar has been operating successfully with companies from Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

With a large range of LED lighting for the advertising industry, LED Centar’s employees can also give you useful advice regarding the selection of lighting according to the specifications of certain advertisements. Whether you are dealing with advertising, totems, stand alone letters of various shapes and sizes (small or large, deep or shallow, wide or narrow)  with a wide range of different LED modules and strips, always available in stock, we are able to offer you the best and the most favourable solution.

With our own business office, which was opened at the beginning of 2015, LED Centar began to expand to other materials related to the advertising industry. With PVC foam sheets and aluminum composite panels (alu sign panel) that are also part of the standard offer, the company will in the future expand their offer to aluminium profiles for advertising and totems.

Bussiness office

Since 02.23.2015 the company LED Centar is operating in its new business office on the address Rujanska 11, Kerestinec.

The total area of the facility is 480 m2 and it is divided on two floors. The ground floor contains PVC Foam boards, while on the upper floor you can find a complete LED program for the advertising industry and Show room.